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Oysters are an ocean-friendly seafood choice because they are farmed with relatively low impact on the environment. Oysters do not require additional feed inputs such as fish meal from wild-capture fisheries. Instead, they filter-feed on tiny particles, plankton, and organic matter found in the water column. Therefore, oysters are self-sustaining and can actually improve local water quality. Oysters are farmed without adding chemicals or antibiotics that can be harmful to the surrounding environment. Farming oysters also reduces fishing pressure on wild oyster populations that have suffered from overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction.


Field Point Oyster Farm's grow out bags are made in France, and comply with the highest standards of quality and environmental protection: ISO 9002 and ISO 14001.


We also use high quality galvanized steel for our racks, more than tripling their lifespan and thereby reducing  material and energy.

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